Comments and Reviews

"Our students were inspired to write their own stories and thoroughly enjoyed the visit by M S Stanley and Bearskin. The Ringwood Tree has flown off the library shelves and more copies have been ordered."
Jane Benham, Head of Resource Centre, Harrogate High School
The best part of my school visits is seeing the amazing artwork the pupils create.

Who's this Furry Fellow?

A hairy prop I like to use when giving talks. He's a character from the book; a character easily identified to those of you who've read the story.

Some of my Ringwood Tree artwork

Alternative Book Covers

Here are a couple of alternative book covers I considered.

A Mysterious Disc

Those who have read the story will know just how dangerous this object really is!

On the Shelf

Waterstone's is now stocking, The Ringwood Tree
It's a weird feeling seeing your work in a bricks and mortar bookshop.

World Book Day

Several schools invited me to their World Book Day celebrations during the first week in March. I went along with my wife, who was a great help, and talked about creative writing and generating new ideas. 
Great fun!
Here are some photos of the talks I gave at,
Broad Green Primary School, Liverpool
St Bridget's School, Merseyside
Western School, Harrogate
Harrogate High, Harrogate